Martello tower, photo by Erik Simpson

Gallery of Topical Essays

Irish History Transformed: "Irish History Transformed: Bloom, Parnell, and Metempsychosis in Ulysses"

Letters and Phonemes: "Dysfunctional Letters in Ulysses"

Medicine: "Doctors, Objectively: The Malleable Myth of Modern Medicine in Ulysses "

Music: "Parallel Fifths, Parallel Lives: Miscommunication and Failed Interactions"

Names: "Playing with “Bloom”: The Fluidity of Names and Identity in Ulysses"

Native and Foreign: "Parallax as a Model of Modern Irish Nationalism"

Science: "Artistic Stephen and Scientific Bloom: Vehicles for Parodying Science in Joyce's Ulysses"

Thought and Action: "Movement and Words: Thought, Activity, And Narrative Style in Ulysses"

Waste: "Composting Composition: Joyce’s Cosmic Shit and the Art of Detritus"

Gallery of Theoretical Explorations

Anarchy: "Imagining a Modernist Anarchy in the 21st Century: Ulysses, Dada, and the Political Viability of Literary Text "

Dismemberment: "Dismembering Joyce: Memory, Temporality, and Spatiality in Ulysses"

Humanism and Marxism: "Joyce's Humanist Marxism: the Reckoning"