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Episode 18: Penelope


The characters of Penelope, from our Ulysses Character Project


Walking Ulysses, from Boston College, including historical and contemporary maps of Dublin for each episode

The places (beyond Dublin) of Penelope, from our Global Ulysses Project


Scans and transcriptions of the 1922 first edition (and related materials) from The Modernist Versions Project

Robert Craven's Ulysses Concordance for Penelope, from his Ulysses Concordance


The Wikipedia summary of the whole novel

From Gerry Carlin and Mair Evans, notes on Penelope


Joyce wrote two schemata of Ulysses for his friends Carlo Linati and Stuart Gilbert; they are now known as the Linati Schema and the Gilbert Schema, respectively. Each schema outlines the fundamental structure of the novel. The schemata were not intended for widespread distribution, but after they were published, they became an important part of scholars' and readers' conversations about Ulysses. The following section combines the two schemata to give a collated version for Penelope.

Time (Linati):
Hour (Gilbert): -
Scene (Gilbert): The Bed
Color (Linati): -
Color (Gilbert): -
People (Linati): Ulysses, Laertes, Penelope
Science/art (Linati): -
Art (Gilbert): -
Meaning (Linati): The past sleeps
Technic (Linati): Monologue, resigned style
Technic (Gilbert): Monologue (female)
Organ (Linati): Fat
Organ (Gilbert): Flesh
Symbols (Linati): -
Symbol (Gilbert): Earth

Line References in Ashplant Materials: Essays

18.740 Letters and Phonemes

18.1111 Music

18.1222 Humanism and Marxism

18.1428 Names

18.1608 Anarchy

Line References in Ashplant Materials: Lexicon

18.56 But(t)

18.158 Touch

18.230 Mary/merry/marry

18.391 Pale

18.448 Flesh

18.450 Flesh

18.539 Curious

18.539 Curious

18.679 Ulysses

18.679 Ulysses

18.683 Ulysses

18.772 Flower

18.842 Bloom

18.1037 Touch

18.1110 Flower

18.1575 Flower

18.1576 Bloom

18.1577 Flower