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Some of the very best friends I made at Grinnell were professors/staff. While it wouldn't be applicable to all professors or work for all students, you shouldn't be too frightened to interact on a more human level with people other than your fellow students. This was probably one of the most significant choices I made while at Grinnell, and I'm endlessly thankful that I did so.

Get to know the people on your hall, especially upperclassman. They have great advice on life and school and will often sell or lend you textbooks. The fact that Grinnell mixes up classes and majors in their residence halls makes student life really fun.

Students should get to know their RLCs.

Go to Harris parties. Dance your ass off.

Don't think you have to be married before you turn 22.

Don't be afraid to move out of your first-year room placement.

I wish my Tutorial professor had pointed out that on such a small campus, every person you meet will impact you in some way. Teaching us to think about first impressions might have been nice. I'm still friends with people from my Tutorial, but I also have ex-friends from that semester.

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