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Life is like looking at a cabbage through a kalidescope. you don't know how now, will by the end of college!!!!

o not go home for the whole summer after college. It will be pure hell. YOu do not need another summer at home just to teach you that you don't want to work at a menial job your whole life. If your parents disapprove (mine did) get an intership, research position, or work anyway--either in Grinnell or some other city.

There is no shame whatsoever in taking a semester off. Don't be afraid to do so if you feel like you need to. Boy, do I wish someone had told me that.

There is no shame whatsoever in taking a semester off. Don't be afraid to do so if you feel like you need to. Boy, do I wish someone had told me that.

Everything from Wednesday night drinking to all night studying can be less harsh on your body if you remain hydrated.

"Keep your balance, know that you are greatly loved no matter what, and whether or not you see the light, it's there." -- Gail Gregory

Vegan co-op food is healthy and delicious. The best meals I ever had were from vegan co-op!

To make yourself exercise, consider a PE class. My healthiest semester ever was when I took swimming and aerobics! They're free if you're under a certain number of credits.

After a certain point, you really will do better if you sleep instead of studying.

One of the main things I learned first year is that it is good to care about your friends, but if/when they start going crazy, it is important to take care of yourself too.

Go to Burling or (especially) Stewart Library, and get some non-academic reading. Whether it's magazines, comic books, movies or fiction, you will need a break from textbooks.

My Tutorial professor should have encouraged us all to get a furry pet for our dorm rooms. Or at least I would encourage everyone who can to get a furry pet. Or scaly, too, I guess.

Find a baby to love and help take care of. Or just hold every now and again.

If there is one thing that I wish someone had told me at Grinnell, it was to go to bed.

Listen to KDIC.

Don't expect that you'll have your career all planned and your life all figured out when you graduate.

Grinnell is full of dirty hippies, so the PEC isn't nearly as intimidating as normal gyms. Go get your buff on.

Do one soul-satisfying activity a semester. Whether it's taking art or singing in the choir or dragging your ass to church or working with kids or even arranging your schedule so you're done at noon on Fridays and promising yourself that you don't have to do anything academic from then until Saturday morning (one of the best things I ever did... an entire afternoon and evening when I didn't even have to worry about school!!!)

Burling has the Smith Collection, 2 bookshelves of rotating fiction (completely nonacademic... this is where I got Bridget Jones!) it's near the jungle gyms.

Spend all warm, sunny afternoons lying on Mac Field or someplace similar. But wear sunscreen when you do.

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