Happy Hans Happy Hour!

As you all know, February 14th is the 53rd birthday of Prince Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein. As is our tradition, Erik and Carolyn are celebrating Happy Hans Day in style, and invite you to join us after the GEA meeting on Friday for the Happy Hans Happy Hour.

Carolyn is planning to make Tiramisu, which has been the official state dessert of Liechtenstein since WWII, when the retreating Italian army left behind a large bunker full of the dessert. You history aficionados will remember the struggle the Liechtenstein parliament had officially recognizing the dessert, given the great ultra-conservative anti-tiramisu sentiment. Prince Hans still makes a big public deal of digging in to this caffeine-rich delicacy on his birthday in order to ingratiate himself with the patriotic crowds, and now so can you.

So bring your lederhosen! Wear your Liechtensteinian Blue and Red! Belt out your favorite verse of "O Liechtenstein"! And come to the Happy Hour! Remember--Liechtenstein is just about as big as Aruba, just a bit colder.

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