Blogs and Web Projects

This page describes projects other than the teaching and scholarly materials contained in other parts of this site.


A set of tools and projects based on James Joyce's Ulysses created mainly by Grinnell College students

Pages and Lights

A slow-cooked blog about teaching, the digital humanities, and academia


My teaching site, including syllabi, handouts, and other materials

The Transatlantic 1790s

Resources and projects created by Grinnell College students in 2004

Studio 916: The Art of Peter Simpson

A selection of Peter's early works with his own learned commentary

Advice for Incoming College Students

From students, faculty, and alumni of Grinnell College

From the Ashes

A fairy-tale adaptation I wrote in graduate school--forgive the now-ancient coding technique

Sports Guy Talkin' Crazy Again

A blog on the way people talk about sports (no longer updated)