CS Table 3/5/19: Moonshots

March 5 CS Table location: CS Commons (3817), noon.
RSVP by noon on March 1 to be included in the pizza order.

At CS Table we will discuss the innovation (or lack thereof) driven by technology companies, guided at least in part by a critique of Google’s "moonshots" that appeared in Communications of the ACM: Thomas Haigh. 2018. Hey Google, What's a Moonshot?: How Silicon Valley Mocks Apollo. Communications of the ACM 62, 1 (December 2018), 24-30.

Computer science table (CS Table) is a weekly meeting of Grinnell College community members (students, faculty, staff, etc.) interested in discussing topics related to computing and computer science. CS Table meets Tuesdays from 12:00–12:50pm. Most CS Tables for the spring semester will meet in JRC 224B inside the Marketplace, though a small number will be in an alternate location, so watch each week for the location. Contact the CS faculty for the weekly reading. Students on meal plans, faculty, and staff are expected to cover the cost of their meals. Visitors to the College and students not on meal plans can charge their meals to the department (sign in at the Marketplace front desk).

Algorithmic arts / CS Table: Computers and creativity

This week in Algorithmic Arts / CS Table, we will read part of a report from the National Academy of Sciences on the role of computers in creative practice:

Mitchell, William J., Inouye, Alan S., and Blumental, Marjory S., Eds. (2003). Creative Practices. Chapter 2 of Beyond Productivity: Information Technology, Innovation, and Creativity.

Algorithmic arts reading list

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